About KD3

Taking hold of his Jamaican roots, this Kingston native uses the influences of R&B, Hip-Hop and Reggae to make his music and message intense, riveting and compelling!  KD3, which means ‘King David led by God’s Spirit’ also known as Pastor Dave C. Bryan, is on an all-out mission to reach future generations through God’s Word.

Raised in a household of musicians, KD3 is no stranger to the world of music and entertainment. His late father, Freddy Bryan of Jamaica, gained great international recognition for his songs and musical talents; it appears KD3 is likewise destined for the same path. He has performed in many concerts sharing the stage with major recording artists, including FRED HAMMOND, MARY-MARY, LECRAE, CANTON JONES, 1K PHEW, UNCLE REECE and many more.  This powerful ministry also has international clout as it is reaching the shores of Africa, and his homeland of Jamaica, having a tremendous impact!


        ” I remember rapping acapella in Jamaica at schools, hospitals and even in the local marketplaces on the streets. What spoke to me the most was the hunger for God’s word and desire to come out of their diseases.”

   – KD3


In 2005, KD3 celebrated the release of his first album, entitled GIANT SLAYER. The success of that endeavor emphasized his heart and passion. “My greatest desire is to see the lost found and to restore hope to the hopeless. I want the fatherless, to come to know the Father!”  His devotion has spanned across several compilation albums, including M.A.D. in addition to his latest EP release SHOULDER ROCK.


Whether ministering by tracks, live in concert, and through serving the youth of his local congregation, KD3 takes every opportunity to live out the ministry that God has richly equipped him with. Fueled by scripture, KD3 quotes Revelation 5:6, “’But we have been made kings and priests unto God for the ruling on earth’ the key is unto God not unto ourselves.”  Alongside his wife Nadine, he continues to show why KD3 Ministries will undoubtedly remain an incessant flourishing movement!



“How we treat others tells the purest story of God’s love.

 I win when others win!”

 – KD3